Slot Car Buyer’s Guide

First time customers often inquire about the differences, advantages and disadvantages of the varied slot car manufacturers, so we have decided to dedicate a page to the subject and we will do our best to explain and define the characteristics of each slot car company.

The oldest of the slot car companies, Scalextric has been producing quality slot cars since the 1950’s.   We believe that the modern Scalextric slot cars offer the best value to performance and looks ratio.  For under $45 Scalextric offers cars with excellent detail inside and out, earth shaking performance right out of the box, and many of them have working headlights.  They also offer an economy line of cars that look great and perform flawlessly for $19.95 – $29.95.

Great Scalextric cars to consider:  MG Lola, Ford GT40s, Formula One cars, IRL cars

Slot-Car-Buyers-Guide Slot Car Buyer's GuideFly
Fly, a Spanish company, has been around since 1996 and is largely responsible for the growth in the slot car market as it stands today.  Fly was the first company to introduce the extremely detailed (diecast quality) and extremely fast slot car.  In a single stroke Fly became the premier 1/32 scale slot car maker.  Since that time, however, the other companies have caught up to Fly and Fly’s standards in performance and detail have lagged as their prices have gone up and up. Retail prices for new Fly cars start at $64.95, however, we do still carry a large variety of older Fly cars at the retail price of $44.95.  Many out of production Fly cars have become desirable collector items (check Ebay) and this trend continues to this day as older cars go out of stock.

Carrera is most noted for their track system, which is the favorite of many slot car enthusiasts.  Their cars are a great value usually costing under $35.  They do not perform at a Scalextric level, and they tend to look a bit toy-like in overall appearance but they do have a quality all their own and are very fun in their own right.  All Carrera 1/32 scale cars feature one adjustable magnet and their new releases feature two!  Carrera is also the only company at present producing 1/24 scale slot cars.

Some cool Carrera cars:  D-type Jaguars, vintage Stock Cars


Slot-Car-Buyers-Guide Slot Car Buyer's GuideNinco
Another Spanish company, Ninco is also famous for its track system.  Ninco takes pride in producing slot cars that are very “loose”, thus delivering very realistic driving characteristics.  The cars in their “Classic” line have no magnets and are a hoot to drive as they are very easy to slide out, or “drift” in the corners.  Ninco is continually improving in the detail department and their latest releases are quite handsome.  Their Formula 1 cars with front steering are very popular.  Prices usually range from $44.95 to $59.95.

SCX is an independent offshoot of the Scalextric company, hence the name S-C-X.  SCX was the first company to deliver the 4 wheel drive slot car, present in their rally …

A brief introduction to slot-racing

Introduction to Slot Car Racing

Large scale slot racing has returned to North America in a big way. Now you can race in the comfort of your own home with top quality products that promise to make this a lasting hobby the whole family can enjoy. If you take the time to read our summary below we promise you will be more informed about this hobby and which direction is the best for you to take. There are three major brands of race sets that dominate the market today. They each have their advantages and disadvantages and we tell you specifically what they are. By reading our recommendations below you will be better prepared to make the best decision for your needs.

Please read this entire page before you buy…updated for the Holiday Season 2004/2005
Includes a link to read more about the brand new Digital racing systems that are changing the hobby of slot car racing. First though we recommend you read this entire web page and near the bottom we will provide a link for you to read more about the Digital racing systems.

Welcome! You have just found the best large scale home slot racing mail order company in North America, as well as the most informative slot racing web site! Bookmark this page now, because we are sure you will want to come back again and again.

retroslotcars-252x300 A brief introduction to slot-racing


We want to introduce you to this fun and inexpensive hobby. Yeah, we know, it is not new … BUT, it is much better now than it was back then. The track sets are better, the cars are better, and modern technology has enabled the development of some very entertaining new electronic and computer devices which make the “sport” or “hobby” much more fun. Before your curiosity causes you to click on one of our slot racing pages to look ahead, we recommend you read through this page first. On this page we try to summarize how the products work together and how you can make intelligent decisions for planning your purchase and track plan. Large scale home slot racing is much more than a toy for children, it is a growing hobby with a multitude of options to choose; and it won’t break the bank!
In a world of “virtual” everything and video screen games, this is one “real life” 3-D activity the whole family can enjoy; and if you are a car-nut to boot, well, it’s a no-brainer.


Several factors have come together to create a genuine revival in large scale home slot racing.

Reasons for the renewed interest are:

(1). Perhaps more than anything else, it seems to be the quality and variety of the 1/32 slot cars made by several very talented companies. Not only are these cars well made for racing, they are incredibly accurate looking scale models; some people think they are too good to race on a …