Tips on Magnets

Many people ask us how can they make their favorite “non Fly” car go as fast as a real Fly car.  It doesn’t take people long to realize that a Fly slot car is one of the fastest out-of-the-box cars on the market.  But, most people don’t realize that the strong Fly magnet is what makes these cars so quick.  Fly motors are no faster than any other stock motor.  Replacing a car’s magnet is the easiest and most effective way to improve lap speeds.

So, to make your favorite “non Fly” quicker you need to swap to a stronger magnet.  We could debate which magnet is best all day long, but it boils down to finding a neodymium magnet that “fits” the underside of the car you are modifying.  Ninco makes a very nice round neo magnet but it is rather thick.  And, you can buy Fly neo magnets too.  Yet, some of our favorite neo magnets are by Slot-It and Professor Motor.

Tips-on-Magnets Tips on Magnets

Finding the right “neo” magnet and the right placement under the car takes experimentation and tuning.  We can make some general recommendations, but every car’s weight and balance is different so we recommend you experiment with double sided tape before you glue a magnet in place.   Some people like to place the magnet in the middle of the car (this tends to hold the front end down a bit and helps minimize rollovers).  Other people like to hang the magnet out the back so they can still power slide the around curves.

One warning though………Neo magnets are very strong and they do place added strain on the car’s motor.  Too much magnet can damage your motor.

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