4 Lane Scale Racing Set

Due to customer demand for a true four lane race set, we at Sport Craft created a bundled package last year  which has proved to be very popular.  This year we have improved it even more by adding the popular and effective curve border extensions for nearly every curve in the track.  Everything is provided in these packages, there is nothing else to buy.

This awesome race package comes with everything you need to entertain family and friends.  You get a planned four lane circuit with four cars, four controllers, two transformers, a bridge with pedestal supports, and lots of attractive curve extensions to create a wider track in the turns.

Overhead view of layout with bridge.  If you decide to purchase this terrific package you are not limited to the design shown below.  You can create virtually anything you want using the extensive amount of track provided.

4-Lane-Scale-Racing-Set 4 Lane Scale Racing Set

The RMS PC Interactive 4 lane package allows you to connect your race set to a nearby computer (minimum requirement is Pentium 1) for race planning, timing, scoring, lap counter etc.  With this super 4 lane layout you get two RMS (PC Interactive) computer connections which together operate all 4 lanes.  You also get 4 different cars, 4 of Scalextric’s new controllers with built in brakes, all for only $579.95.  We build this package by using two complete existing race sets which is far cheaper than buying the components separately.   We use the SCA1095 GT Interactive set and the SCA1139 F-1 set for this package.   We remove and credit unessential and duplicated components and we add the extra wider radius turns needed to arrive at our 4 lane race set.  We have improved this popular race set now by adding extension borders and guardrails for all of the curves on the race circuit.  This makes the package more fun and improves the looks of the circuit considerably.  The RMS feature enables the user to connect a nearby PC computer to the track for race management, scoring, timing and scoring, and it even includes a track planning software package.

Another option is Scalextric’s own

Another four lane option is to buy one each of the race sets shown below.  These two race sets were designed with the very idea to be nested together perfectly to form a 4-lane race circuit.  When you purchase these two race sets you get everything you need because each set has 2 cars, 2 throttle controllers, one transformer, and the appropriate track pieces that are designed to fit into place.  So, for only $379.90 you can have 4 people racing together.  It is a bit difficult to see from the box art below that the T2 set forms the inner 2 lanes and the T3 set forms the outer 2 lanes.  Don’t forget you are not limited to the track design illustrated on the box, you can use your own imagination and design your own circuit.  These sets are in stock now.  If you can’t afford to buy them together you can buy one at a time, we will stock these sets as long as they are available.


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