Classic Scalextric Home Road Racing Sets

Home-Road-Racing Classic Scalextric Home Road Racing Sets

All Scalextric home racing sets come complete with everything you need to begin racing.  Sets include track, 2 racing cars, 2 throttle controllers, power pack, various track pieces necessary.  All “Classic” Scalextric race sets use the same track pieces and basic components so you can be assured of consistency and compatibility.  You may even combine more than one set to expand your race track.

Scalextric Track Parts Conversion Chart
Piece Classic # Sport # SCX #
Short Straight SCA157 SPO8236 *
Quarter Straight SCA158 SPO8200 SCX84040
Half Straight SCA159 SPO8207 SCX84050
Full Straight SCA160 SPO8205 SCX84060
Half Standard Curve SCA154 SPO8234 *
Standard Curve #2 SCA151 SPO8206 SCX84000
Inner Curve #1 SCA152 SPO8202 SCX84010
Outer Curve #3 SCA153 SPO8204 SCX84020
Outer Outer Curve #4 * SPO8235 SCX84030
Classic to Sport converter half straight – SPO8222

Upgrade any Circuit 1, 2, or 3 race set to the next size by purchasing specially boxed Expansion Packs

Scalextric now offers 3 new track expansion packs which are designed to expand and enhance your home racing sets.  These packs were designed to add on to the new 1999 sets, but they will work just as well with the older sets as well.   There are no differences in the track pieces themselves, but the borders and crash barriers have a whole new look.  Buying these packs also saves money over buying the track pieces individually.

Each boxed expansion pack includes all the track pieces necessary to upgrade to the next level circuit as well as all of the new sand trap borders needed.

The expansion packs are made to upgrade each circuit to the next level. So Circuit 1 + Expansion pack A will give you Circuit 2, Circuit 2 + Expansion pack B will give you Circuit 3, Circuit 3 + Expansion pack C will give you Circuit 4.

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