Ninco Home Racing Sets

Ninco scale racing products are made in Spain where the hobby is very popular, especially for the WRC Rally enthusiasts.  Ninco products are very well made and they use a flexible vinyl material similar to Scalextric so the track is somewhat flexible.  This feature prevents breakage and permits some flex in the turns if you choose to create a gentle banked curve.  Ninco track is a full inch wider than Scalextric, but not as wide as Carrera track.   We stock the most popular Ninco race sets, offering you a variety of choices to match your budget.  Ninco’s largest set, the DTM touring car set includes 30 feet of track.  This set is also the greatest value.  Check out the details of all the Ninco race sets we stock below.

Ninco Race Sets do allow you to run all the common brands of slot cars like Fly, Scalextric, SCX, Vanquish, Slot-it, MRRC, and Carrera and even some old vintage stuff.  Ninco uses a 14.8 volt wall transformer common to the other popular brands.  You may also add a second power supply to any Ninco track with the purchase of another transformer and a dual power track.  Ninco also offers electronic timing accessories as well as upgraded controllers and even an adapter track to connect to Scalextric/SCX track in case you are already committed to either of those.  Sport Craft stocks all Ninco track pieces and accessories and our knowledgeable sales staff can assist you with your questions.   Please scroll down to learn more about the fine Ninco products we offer.

Ninco’s GT Max Race set

ninco Ninco Home Racing Sets

Ninco GT Max Race Set with 2 Porsche 911 GT3s (50304 and “not available separately”), a Sprint Lap Counter, and two 55 Plus controllers 30′ (6′ by 10′)

Ninco’s 2003 Mini Coopers set

ninco Ninco Home Racing Sets

Now available, the 2003 Mini Coopers Race set.  We are told this brand new figure 8 set will include both a green and a red 2002 Mini Cooper race car.  Ninco will also make other Mini Cooper slot cars, but the green and red cars pictured below will be available only in the race set.



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