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Ninco’s Top of the line electronic infrared timer

This is Ninco’s Top of the line electronic infrared timer. This unit comes with 2 pieces of half straight track specially wired to replace a normal straight section. No other equipment necessary, this unit will plug directly into either the standard power track included in all Ninco race sets or Ninco’s optional deluxe dual power track. Instructions included.

The Pole Position has multiple features as follows:

  1. Select either race laps management or race time management or select qualifying time reports.
  2. Select different sound effects; voice commands for start, last lap, winner’s national anthem, and best lap time.
  3. Select for number of drivers 1 or 2.
  4. Details: Timing to 1/1000 second, includes PS/2 Port, RJ-11 Port, infrared detector/emitter (phototransistor with IR-filter, infrared diode emitter at 950 nm). Don’t ask us what all this means, we have provided this information for the electronics experts.

If you have a four lane track you can network two Pole Position units together with this cable:

sprint Ninco’s Top of the line electronic infrared timer

This is Ninco’s entry level electronic infrared timer. This unit comes with 2 pieces of half straight track specially wired to replace a normal straight section. No other equipment necessary, this unit will plug into either the standard power track included in all Ninco race sets or Ninco’s optional deluxe dual power track. Instructions included. The Sprint has the following features:

  1. Select programming for either number of laps or race time length.
  2. Includes Start light and End of Race light. Flashing light for winning car.
  3. Photoelectronic timing system to 1/100 second.
  4. Details: timing to 1/100 second, includes RJ-11 port, infrared detector/emitter (phototransistor with IR-filter, infrared diode emitter at 950 nm).

Carrera 4 Lane Super Speedway

Carrera-4-Lane-Super-Speedway-1024x768 Carrera 4 Lane Super Speedway

Carrera Nascar Super Speedway…….a Sport Craft Exclusive.  We have created a large 4-lane banked Tri-Oval utilizing Carrera’s outstanding high bank curves.  This 4-lane tri-oval speedway of our own design simulates the fast speedways like Talladega.  Carrera’s super wide 1/24 scale track with high bank capability makes it possible to create a speedway replica which is banked all the way around the track.  Yet this track takes up only 7.5′ × 10.5′.  We provide a complete package with everything you need, already pre-planed to fit together.  You only add cars, nothing else to buy.

We have used Carrera’s widest banked track pieces on the outer bank as well as all of the supports required.  We have also included 2 of the heavy duty dual power 18 volt transformers made for Carrera’s 1/24 scale race sets.  You also get 4 controllers for the package price below.  The package we offer does not include cars.  We recommend 1/32 Scalextric Nascar racers which run great on this Super Speedway.  You can choose from at least 15 different Scalextric Nascar cars shown on our Scalextric Car page.


4 Lane Scale Racing Set

Due to customer demand for a true four lane race set, we at Sport Craft created a bundled package last year  which has proved to be very popular.  This year we have improved it even more by adding the popular and effective curve border extensions for nearly every curve in the track.  Everything is provided in these packages, there is nothing else to buy.

This awesome race package comes with everything you need to entertain family and friends.  You get a planned four lane circuit with four cars, four controllers, two transformers, a bridge with pedestal supports, and lots of attractive curve extensions to create a wider track in the turns.

Overhead view of layout with bridge.  If you decide to purchase this terrific package you are not limited to the design shown below.  You can create virtually anything you want using the extensive amount of track provided.

4-Lane-Scale-Racing-Set 4 Lane Scale Racing Set

The RMS PC Interactive 4 lane package allows you to connect your race set to a nearby computer (minimum requirement is Pentium 1) for race planning, timing, scoring, lap counter etc.  With this super 4 lane layout you get two RMS (PC Interactive) computer connections which together operate all 4 lanes.  You also get 4 different cars, 4 of Scalextric’s new controllers with built in brakes, all for only $579.95.  We build this package by using two complete existing race sets which is far cheaper than buying the components separately.   We use the SCA1095 GT Interactive set and the SCA1139 F-1 set for this package.   We remove and credit unessential and duplicated components and we add the extra wider radius turns needed to arrive at our 4 lane race set.  We have improved this popular race set now by adding extension borders and guardrails for all of the curves on the race circuit.  This makes the package more fun and improves the looks of the circuit considerably.  The RMS feature enables the user to connect a nearby PC computer to the track for race management, scoring, timing and scoring, and it even includes a track planning software package.

Another option is Scalextric’s own

Another four lane option is to buy one each of the race sets shown below.  These two race sets were designed with the very idea to be nested together perfectly to form a 4-lane race circuit.  When you purchase these two race sets you get everything you need because each set has 2 cars, 2 throttle controllers, one transformer, and the appropriate track pieces that are designed to fit into place.  So, for only $379.90 you can have 4 people racing together.  It is a bit difficult to see from the box art below that the T2 set forms the inner 2 lanes and the T3 set forms the outer 2 lanes.  Don’t forget you are not limited to the track design illustrated on the box, you can use your own imagination and design your own circuit.  These sets are in stock now.  If you can’t afford to buy …

Classic Scalextric Home Road Racing Sets

Home-Road-Racing Classic Scalextric Home Road Racing Sets

All Scalextric home racing sets come complete with everything you need to begin racing.  Sets include track, 2 racing cars, 2 throttle controllers, power pack, various track pieces necessary.  All “Classic” Scalextric race sets use the same track pieces and basic components so you can be assured of consistency and compatibility.  You may even combine more than one set to expand your race track.

Scalextric Track Parts Conversion Chart
Piece Classic # Sport # SCX #
Short Straight SCA157 SPO8236 *
Quarter Straight SCA158 SPO8200 SCX84040
Half Straight SCA159 SPO8207 SCX84050
Full Straight SCA160 SPO8205 SCX84060
Half Standard Curve SCA154 SPO8234 *
Standard Curve #2 SCA151 SPO8206 SCX84000
Inner Curve #1 SCA152 SPO8202 SCX84010
Outer Curve #3 SCA153 SPO8204 SCX84020
Outer Outer Curve #4 * SPO8235 SCX84030
Classic to Sport converter half straight – SPO8222

Upgrade any Circuit 1, 2, or 3 race set to the next size by purchasing specially boxed Expansion Packs

Scalextric now offers 3 new track expansion packs which are designed to expand and enhance your home racing sets.  These packs were designed to add on to the new 1999 sets, but they will work just as well with the older sets as well.   There are no differences in the track pieces themselves, but the borders and crash barriers have a whole new look.  Buying these packs also saves money over buying the track pieces individually.

Each boxed expansion pack includes all the track pieces necessary to upgrade to the next level circuit as well as all of the new sand trap borders needed.

The expansion packs are made to upgrade each circuit to the next level. So Circuit 1 + Expansion pack A will give you Circuit 2, Circuit 2 + Expansion pack B will give you Circuit 3, Circuit 3 + Expansion pack C will give you Circuit 4.

Ninco Home Racing Sets

Ninco scale racing products are made in Spain where the hobby is very popular, especially for the WRC Rally enthusiasts.  Ninco products are very well made and they use a flexible vinyl material similar to Scalextric so the track is somewhat flexible.  This feature prevents breakage and permits some flex in the turns if you choose to create a gentle banked curve.  Ninco track is a full inch wider than Scalextric, but not as wide as Carrera track.   We stock the most popular Ninco race sets, offering you a variety of choices to match your budget.  Ninco’s largest set, the DTM touring car set includes 30 feet of track.  This set is also the greatest value.  Check out the details of all the Ninco race sets we stock below.

Ninco Race Sets do allow you to run all the common brands of slot cars like Fly, Scalextric, SCX, Vanquish, Slot-it, MRRC, and Carrera and even some old vintage stuff.  Ninco uses a 14.8 volt wall transformer common to the other popular brands.  You may also add a second power supply to any Ninco track with the purchase of another transformer and a dual power track.  Ninco also offers electronic timing accessories as well as upgraded controllers and even an adapter track to connect to Scalextric/SCX track in case you are already committed to either of those.  Sport Craft stocks all Ninco track pieces and accessories and our knowledgeable sales staff can assist you with your questions.   Please scroll down to learn more about the fine Ninco products we offer.

Ninco’s GT Max Race set

ninco Ninco Home Racing Sets

Ninco GT Max Race Set with 2 Porsche 911 GT3s (50304 and “not available separately”), a Sprint Lap Counter, and two 55 Plus controllers 30′ (6′ by 10′)

Ninco’s 2003 Mini Coopers set

ninco Ninco Home Racing Sets

Now available, the 2003 Mini Coopers Race set.  We are told this brand new figure 8 set will include both a green and a red 2002 Mini Cooper race car.  Ninco will also make other Mini Cooper slot cars, but the green and red cars pictured below will be available only in the race set.