One of the most interesting jobs there is in the service industry is to be a personal drver for famous and important people. Ie, a chauffuer driver. One of the great things about this proffesion is you always meet important people. Business leaders, celebrities for instance.

Perhaps one of the downsides to this line of work is you will have to wait a long time during parts of the day. Busy business people will expect you to be on time, but also that you are waiting for them if they are late or have a change of plans.…

Major considerations for VIPs when purchasing a car

Many VIPs prefer buying hybrid new vehicle. The most purchased vehicles include Toyota (Prius, highlander, Camry), Ford (escape), Lexus(RX400h and Gs 450h). There is no amount of deal, however good it may be that should persuade one to buy a vehicle that is substandard. For example, if you cannot ascertain how the car was maintained (especially if it is a second hand car), then the deal may not be worthwhile.


Today, there is much hype about the hybrid vehicles to regular gasoline vehicles. Hybrids have an internal combustion engine and an electric motor which uses gasoline and rechargeable batteries respectively. The hybrid vehicles limit greenhouse gases emissions, and are oil efficient and thus reduce dependence on oil. However, the challenge may lie with their bigger price tag as compared to that of gasoline-engine cars. However, this may not be a insurmountable problem considering that most of the VIPs have money to burn.

Considerations when Purchasing a vehicle for VIP

The factors such as financial, reliability, lifestyle, safety, fuel efficiency are of significant for any VIP who wants to purchase a vehicle. It is not surprising the many important hire a full time personal chauffeur for VIP to help them. Stuttgart is one of the most popular cities for this in Germany as it is a key business district.

Consider buying a vehicle with fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Apart from purchasing expensive hybrid vehicles, you may also consider buying regular gasoline engine vehicles such as Hondas and Toyotas which also have lesser emissions scale. Consider buying a vehicle that pollutes less.


It is of most significant to consider a vehicle which has excellent gas mileage. E.g. Hybrid vehicles use gasoline powered engine on the highway while it uses battery powered engine in the cities. With the gas price climbing, consider a vehicle that will go for an extra mile with a gallon of gasoline.

This is paramount for any VIP. Hybrid vehicles are much safer while on the road than conventional vehicles. This is because all hybrids consist of an automatic-shut off of both motors if the car is involved in an accident.Ultimately, the decision to buy a hybrid vehicle lies with an individual. There are many conventional vehicles that are safe. For example many new vehicles include extra airbags that improve collision avoidance and also injury.

Another consideration when buying a VIP vehicle is on the amount of gasoline that it consumes. Whether you decide to buy hybrid vehicles or the newest compact cars, it is important to ensure that they have greater fuel efficiency. Less gasoline at the gas pump will mean less amount of money spent in fuelling that vehicle. Read here the top 10 cars for CEO’s.

VIPs should consider buying a vehicle that breaks down less often. An older car is likely to break down more often than a new vehicle. Time is an important factor for any VIP and therefore a vehicle that breaks down more often could mean more business meetings skipped or job …

Some of the most interesting sports cars in 2015. Which one is your favourite? That is completely your decision!. Contact us to give us your vote.…

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