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Large scale slot racing has returned to North America in a big way. Now you can race in the comfort of your own home with top quality products that promise to make this a lasting hobby the whole family can enjoy. If you take the time to read our summary below we promise you will be more informed about this hobby and which direction is the best for you to take. There are three major brands of race sets that dominate the market today. They each have their advantages and disadvantages and we tell you specifically what they are. By reading our recommendations below you will be better prepared to make the best decision for your needs.
retroslotcars-252x300 A brief introduction to slot-racing

Please read this entire page before you buy…updated for the Holiday Season 2016. Includes a link to read more about the brand new Digital racing systems that are changing the hobby of slot car racing. First though we recommend you read this entire web page and near the bottom we will provide a link for you to read more about the Digital racing systems. Welcome! You have just found the best large scale home slot racing mail order company in North America, as well as the most informative slot racing web site! Bookmark this page now, because we are sure you will want to come back again and again.


We want to introduce you to this fun and inexpensive hobby. Yeah, we know, it is not new … BUT, it is much better now than it was back then. The track sets are better, the cars are better, and modern technology has enabled the development of some very entertaining new electronic and computer devices which make the “sport” or “hobby” much more fun. Before your curiosity causes you to click on one of our slot racing pages to look ahead, we recommend you read through this page first. On this page we try to summarize how the products work together and how you can make intelligent decisions for planning your purchase and track plan. Large scale home slot racing is much more than a toy for children, it is a growing hobby with a multitude of options to choose; and it won’t break the bank! In a world of “virtual” everything and video screen games, this is one “real life” 3-D activity the whole family can enjoy; and if you are a car-nut to boot, well, it’s a no-brainer.

Miniracing -bringing the wow factor, into your entertainment.

Nothing brings feelings of happiness more that the nostalgia of a childhood toy. Scalextric is exactly one of these toys. Adults are very receptive to this game, especially when it have been made to accommodate up to 8 players on a large track. Giant Scalextric hire from Miniracing can be the unusual and interesting event that your part or wedding requires.

retroslotcars-252x300 A brief introduction to slot-racing

People of all backgrounds can play this fantastic game, young and old a like. There is something about the competitive nature of this which really sparks the interest of people.

The events industry has adapted to this niche with customised equipment being made to cater for this particular industry.  Have a look at Miniracing’s Twitter page.  A Sports Car Racing you can find all the necessary cars and parts to use with this specialist equipmentt.


Several factors have come together to create a genuine revival in large scale home slot racing. Reasons for the renewed interest are: 1.) Perhaps more than anything else, it seems to be the quality and variety of the 1/32 slot cars made by several very talented companies. Not only are these cars well made for racing, they are incredibly accurate looking scale models; some people think they are too good to race on a …

Personal Chauffeur or buying your own luxury car?

Many VIPs prefer buying hybrid new vehicle. The most purchased vehicles include Toyota (Prius, highlander, Camry), Ford (escape), Lexus(RX400h and Gs 450h). There is no amount of deal, however good it may be that should persuade one to buy a vehicle that is substandard. For example, if you cannot ascertain how the car was maintained (especially if it is a second hand car), then the deal may not be worthwhile. retroslotcars-252x300 A brief introduction to slot-racing Today, there is much hype about the hybrid vehicles to regular gasoline vehicles. Hybrids have an internal combustion engine and an electric motor which uses gasoline and rechargeable batteries respectively. The hybrid vehicles limit greenhouse gases emissions, and are oil efficient and thus reduce dependence on oil. However, the challenge may lie with their bigger price tag as compared to that of gasoline-engine cars. However, this may not be a insurmountable problem considering that most of the VIPs have money to burn.

Considerations when purchasing a vehicle for VIP

The factors such as financial, reliability, lifestyle, safety, fuel efficiency are of significant for any VIP who wants to purchase a vehicle. It is not surprising the many important hire a full time personal chauffeur for VIP to help them. Stuttgart is one of the most popular cities for this in Germany as it is a key business district. Consider buying a vehicle with fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Apart from purchasing expensive hybrid vehicles, you may also consider buying regular gasoline engine vehicles such as Hondas and Toyotas which also have lesser emissions scale. Consider buying a vehicle that pollutes less. retroslotcars-252x300 A brief introduction to slot-racingIt is of most significant to consider a vehicle which has excellent gas mileage. E.g. Hybrid vehicles use gasoline powered engine on the highway while it uses battery powered engine in the cities. With the gas price climbing, consider a vehicle that will go for an extra mile with a gallon of gasoline. This is paramount for any VIP. Hybrid vehicles are much safer while on the road than conventional vehicles. This is because all hybrids consist of an automatic-shut off of both motors if the car is involved in an accident.Ultimately, the decision to buy a hybrid vehicle lies with an individual. There are many conventional vehicles that are safe. For example many new vehicles include extra airbags that improve collision avoidance and also injury. Another consideration when buying a VIP vehicle is on the amount of gasoline that it consumes. Whether you decide to buy hybrid vehicles or the newest compact cars, it is important to ensure that they have greater fuel efficiency. Less gasoline at the gas pump will mean less amount of money spent in fuelling that vehicle. Read here the top 10 cars for CEO’s. VIPs should consider buying a vehicle that breaks down less often. An older car is likely to break down more often than a new vehicle. Time is an important factor for any VIP and therefore a vehicle that breaks down more often could mean more business meetings skipped or job interviews not attended. If your old car requires repairs that tends to go well beyond its retail value, then it is advisable that you replace that vehicle. Many VIPs are monied and therefore want to have the latest vehicle as a sign of their success. The type of vehicle that a VIP is driven in may be an indicator of not only his tastes and preferences, but also his societal status. In summary, the above mentioned considerations are the most basic for any VIP who wants to purchase a vehicle. Buying hybrid vehicles may be much expensive than buying a regular gasoline engine vehicle, since there are many such vehicles that provide almost the same qualities as a hybrid car. Just look at the Driveline Facebook page. Save Save Save Save Save Save Save

Starting a Taxi Business for airport transfers

Essentially, all you need is a car and the will to make money.

Look around the malls, clubs, stations etc. and you will find a host of “pirate” taxis, all making a living out of this multi billion Rand industry. These are the people that won’t lie down because they are unemployed. They will survive and grow their businesses because they have the will to win, regardless.

If you own a car, there is no reason to plead poverty. Make it work for you.

That is your entry level. A reasonably respectable and roadworthy car.

To comply with road transportation regulations you would need to have a Professional Drivers Permit, an Operators license for your car and public liabilty insurance.

A  Road Transportation Board Metered Taxi permit makes you fully legal.

To make your car a “business” you need to promote your service and make yourself visible to potential clients. You also need to have a good general knowledge of the area that you work in, or have a GPS to help you find your way around. A taxi roof sign is useful if you work “pickups” only.

What if I don’t own a car?

There are companies that will employ taxi drivers that have experience and valid PDP.

There are also private individuals and other driver/operators that hire out cars, or, are prepared to share the use of a car. This is an expensive option.

What is your risk?

If you choose to operate as a “pirate” you take the chance of traffic fines, or even impounding of your vehicle in certain municipalities.

Your chances of being the victim of criminals is also greater than a normal shop owner because of your exposure.

A vehicle breakdown means you can’t earn while the vehicle is down.

How much can you earn?

Does it matter where I live?

Yes and no. There are densely populated areas that do generate more business for taxi drivers than rural areas. But you will find more competition there. Sometimes it is better to have less competition and create good client relationships in your area. Airport Transfer Tenerife are based in ICOD de los Vinos, Tenerife and have been open since 2012. They have thrived targeting the tourism market.

You can choose where you want to work, which doesn’t have to be at your home.

The taxi industry allows you to work literally anywhere you want to.

The basics to operate a successful taxi business.

  1. Roadworthy motor vehicle
  2. Cell phone.
  3. GPS
  4. Map book. (not everything is on the GPS, sometimes the map works better)
  5. Marketing plan

How does the Taxi business compare with other conventional businesses?

The taxi business has to be one of the greatest one-man businesses in the world.


Start up cost minimal.

Easily financed. Motor vehicle finance is more readily available than financing of any other type of business.

Instant cash. No accounts. Start earning from day 1.